Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a member of IFHEMA?

Membership requirements and the process of obtaining membership are stated in full in IFHEMA By-Laws (Article 6 to 11).

In short, federations (or associations of associations), which group the majority of their national HEMA community and regularly hold international and/or national HEMA activities are able to apply for the IFHEMA membership.

We are aware of various specifics of respective national legislations regarding forming associations, federations, or similar communities. In addition, we respect the fact that each national community operates in a unique set of circumstances (which includes recognition of a relevant national sport authorities or an equivalent body governing martial arts).

Therefore, we suggest that interested HEMA federations get in touch with us before sending us an application.

Is IFHEMA sport oriented?

IFHEMA is adamant in acknowledging that HEMA activities can be practiced either as martial arts or martial sports, many HEMA communities actually practice both forms. The practice is based on research and study of sources that recorded martial arts within European territories and European spheres of influence.

Research, publishing, and teaching are also a part of HEMA activities, as well as organizing competitions, and conserving martial heritage.

Does IFHEMA impose rules on member federations?

IFHEMA serves as an umbrella organization with the purpose of helping national communities develop their HEMA activities in a safe and efficient way.

Members have voted for a set of common procedures, so that IFHEMA can operate as an independent organization, but they have retained their autonomy in their HEMA activities.

Autonomy and sustainability of HEMA communities are very important to us, as well as knowledge sharing and excellence in all activities.

IFHEMA connects and supports the members by offering its capacities to coordinate and back up their activities, and protect their interests.